Wanna Know What I Do Every Day To Consciously Create My Fit Goddess Body?

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Aloha Goddess,

Thank you for being here.
My name is Samantha Fox Olson. I live on the north shore of Kauai, with my husband, our teenage daughter, and our Belgium Malinois.

I have coached women in some form of athleticism for 28 years! Yep. Twenty eight freaking years! It’s my passion and my love to support women in falling in love with their bodies and reclaiming their power.

I have led transformational retreats here for 8 years, I have the highest certification as a yoga instructor, I have led yoga teacher trainings, have taught yoga and fitness to the likings of highly successful entrepreneurs, peak performing athletes, injured elders and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

I currently help women all around the world achieve the body of their dreams and live an empowered life they love. #FitGoddessBody #FitOver44

Curious About Going Deeper With Me Goddess?

I help women all around the world achieve the body of their dreams and live a life they love. From home. No Gym Required.

Option #1:

Fast Lane

To Fat Loss

  • A Two Month Group Mentorship
  • This program is for you if you are looking to lose fat, get fit and be strong. You will learn the elements of nutrition you MUST practice to be healthy AND have a banging body, receive a personalized meal plan and fitness plan, as well as receive weekly mindset masterminds to help you re-engineer your self-image to where it must be in order for you to truly have it all. Most women start here and the community of women in this space are heart-centered and high vibe goddesses all the way.

Option #2:

Fit Goddess Body

Elite Mentorship

  • A Six Month Group Mentorship.
  • This program is for you if you are looking to lean out, get fit, embody a whole new level of strength (inside and out) and live a fuck YES life you LOVE. Personalized fitness plans for you to rock from home and at the gym. Weekly Q&As and mindset masterminds to support you in fully embodying the goddess you be. She’s in there, lets bring her out and into service. This tribe is gold!

Option #3:

One-On-One Mentorship.

A Three Month VIP Opportunity

  • One-On-One Mentorship. A Three Month VIP Mentorship.
  • This program is for you if you if you are a highly successful woman in all areas of your life, except you know it has been at the expense of taking care of your body. It’s time to take care of you goddess and truly have it all!

What The Goddesses Are Saying:

“Thanks Samantha Fox Olson for helping me achieve an ass I never thought I could have!

I turned 46 today and I feel great. I wore a bikini to the lodge hot tub last night (hubby took me to timberline for an overnight getaway) and I felt confident and sexy.

More importantly I felt strong on the slopes today. Felt great. Xoxo”

Kari Morin, OR

“Samantha working out with you is a whole new experience of just drenching the body with love no matter what exercise, which then carries on for the rest of the day.

Samantha, you help me marry my soul with my body… that’s the best was to describe it!

That is a true gift.”

Charan Surdhar, UK

I lost 19 pounds in the first 40 days of working with Samantha!

Additionally, I went from having to take ibuprofen daily, to not at all! Samantha’s programs work magic.

The best part about it is that my relationship with food has forever changed.

Gigi Moser, CA


Tell Me More About Your Signature Program everyone is raving about the…
Fast Lane To Fat Loss Mentorship

This is the truth…
Not everyone who applies is invited to join the program.

Here’s the deal…
At this point in the game,
I’m only interested in working with women who are committed,
resourceful, decisive, coachable and READY to make
an ever-lasting change.
Inside and out.

If you truly have those qualities, and I can feel that’s true,
(you’d be amazed to know how many women say they really want this,
but when it’s time to show up, they wilt)
get ready to (as my mentor would say) strap your tits on…
because it’s gonna be GO time sista’!

And we are gonna have a LOT of FUN
recreating your fit, goddess body and LIFE!




Here is a little peek into the best program out there for fat loss…

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Samantha Fox Olson teaches you what you MUST know to about nutrition to achieve the body of your dreams, and creates your personalized plan of action.

Once inside, you will get immediate access to Samantha’s 30-page Fast Lane To Fat Loss Guidebook.

The guidebook lays out the fundamentals that took her decades to understand. And when she did, her entire body transformed for the better!

This is where you will immediately start to see how backwards you have been approaching fat loss. It’s not your fault. We have been led to believe some crazy shit when it comes to being healthy and fit. But it’s time to understand the truth!

Samantha will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with your very own PERSONALIZED macro/meal plan AND fitness program.

Within the first week of the program you will have had your eyes opened in the most glorious of ways, have a new and refreshing point of view on food, and will have about a 75 minute one on one phone call with Samantha or one of her rockstar coaches.

You will receive a total of 2 one on one calls during your mentorship!

Your Personalized Meal Plan

Your meal plan will be formulated by Samantha and will be based on many factors, making it very specific to YOU.

This is NOT a cookie cutter program!

This program is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy free and carnivores.

Samantha is not vegan or veggie herself, but she has supported plenty women who have many food restrictions, to create a meal plan that helps them finally achieve the body of their dreams.

You will create an entirely new relationship with food in this program. And it’s heavenly!

You will learn HOW to create menus for yourself so that you can forever understand the critical points to eating for health, energy, vitality and a bangin’ physique.

You are going to learn EXACTLY what to eat every day to feel amazing, sexy, light, fit and lean.

And believe me, if you are NOT feeling tip-top
in that area right now…
you do NOT have this critical part of the puzzle figured out.

And this will change your LIFE. And your body. Big time!

Your Personalized Fitness Plan

Samantha has filmed HUNDREDS of videos over the last few years and has an extensive library to create your personalized fitness program from.

You will train both:
-strength training, and
in this program.

For the strength training portion of the program, all you have to do is push PLAY. And Samantha will skillfully lead you through the entire workout from warm-up to cool-down. No gym required!

Her clients rave about how they learn more about alignment in these videos than they do working side by side with personal trainers. Yep. This is the real deal.

Cardio will be prescribed based on YOUR goals.

Got injuries or scared of fitness?
Samantha is your coach. She’s got you too.

You will know EXACTLY what to do every day for fitness in your 2 month mentorship with Samantha Fox Olson. Samantha creates your personalized fitness program based on where you are starting and what goals you have.

And your body will get strong, lean and fit!
Your metabolism will never be the rock into high gear.

LIVE, Weekly Q&As And Mindset Coaching That Will Transform Your Life.

Every week you will drop in LIVE with Samantha to have any questions you may have answered. We talk about alignment, meal prep and food, and so much more.

This is where we go DEEP sister. And if deep is not for you, this program is not in alignment with you either.

This is where Samantha will be coaching you on how to reprogram your beliefs about yourself and life so you can STOP the
self-sabotage and start creating a life that’s truly magical. Inside and out.

This is where we will be re-engineering your self-image so that you can reach your goals AND maintain them forever.

This is where you will learn how to genuinely look at yourself in the mirror and LOVE what you see.

This is where you will learn a new, loving dialogue between you and your miracle body.

This is where you will learn to love yourself more deeply than every before goddess.

There is NO PROGRAM out there that brings what Samantha brings to the journey of weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain.

Get ready to have your mind blow and your heart melted wide open.

Private FB Support Group

Samantha is checking in daily (Mon-Friday) to answer any questions that anyone may have. Daily support!

But the most magical part of this FB group is the support of goddesses from all around the world cheering one another on, cracking one another up, holding one another accountable, giving a shoulder to lean on and more.

There is something POWERFUL in being surrounded by a group of women saying YES to themselves, their bodies and their dreams this big.

And this community is gold! Pure gold.
Ever lasting friendships will be made here.
This is your tribe.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes! Tips, Tricks, Hacks & More

Recipes are shared in the Guidebook.

However, the FB group is a library of stored tips and tricks,
so many recipes shared,
and other meal prep tips offered too.

Full Access To Samantha’s Library of Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Videos for 3 Months!

Although your personalized fitness plan will keep structured for 2 full months, you will also be granted access to all of her fitness videos for a total of three months!

Whoop whoot!

You now have access to one of the top trainers on the planet, at your finger tips, even beyond your program.

Additionally, the member’s area has 38 guided meditations to help you reduce stress, relax deeply, love yourself fully, and become the conscious creator of your goddess life!


Wanna Know What I Do Every Day To Serve My Fit, Goddess Body?

Tips to help you burn fat, speed up your metabolism, increase your energy and motivation: