Hi! My name is Samantha Fox Olson! I help women over 40 reconnect to themselves and transform their bodies so they can feel fit, strong and love the skin they’re in.

If you long to feel more like yourself and want to love what you see in the mirror, I’m here to help.

I’ve struggled with body image for many years, having wrestled with Bulimia, and body shame not feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Having found my way to the other side, to a fit body and a loving mind, I know it’s possible for you too!

I know what it takes to break-through the confusion, frustration and self-doubt so you can look good AND feel great.

I’ve been described as a blend of Tony Robbins and Shiva Rea because I share nourishing, heart-centered. coaching that keeps you motivated to stay on the path!

I’ll meet you right where you’re at, and inspire you to achieve your goals.

I’ll create for you a personalized plan to follow in nutrition, strength training, deep relaxation practices, alignment to your own center, mindset miracle practices and a heart-centered lifestyle!

I’ve been a professional trainer for over 30 years supporting clients in yoga, fitness, personal training, competitive gymnastics, dance, yoga therapy, meditation and Ayurveda Sciences.

I’ve worked with a wide range of body types, including celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston to elderly clients with injuries and severe limitations. I have a knack for helping women that thought their better days were behind them, shred the stubborn fat and get into the “best shape of their lives.”

Let’s find out what’s possible for you!

You have immense gifts to share with the world.

When you look and feel good, the best version of you emerges. This is freedom!